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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Bitter Cold on Mt. Lemmon

Right after the sun set last night, the clouds rolled in, the winds picked up and snow started to fall on the Santa Catalina Mountains. The next day I awoke to find a half inch or so of snow on the ground but lot of of rime ice on the trees and other plants. Rime ice is formed when liquid water that is below the freezing point gets blown against something and instantly freezes. It shows up as a jagged coating on the upwind side of the object. The trees are covered in rime ice in this shot.
This view is out to the west from the peak of Mt. Lemmon, behind the observatory, where I often take images sunsets. Down below just visible in the blowing dust is the town of Catalina.

Viewers of Tucson's KOLD Channel 13 news at 6pm & 10pm on this date may have seen this image during their weather segment.

Canon 20D - 1/60th, 18mm @ f/ 19, ISO 100


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