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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Red Rock State Park Sedona - 26782

Getting back to the images from the trip that Jim & I took to northern Arizona. As we headed back towards Tucson, we passed through the town of Sedona and spent several hours hiking through Red Rock State Park south of town.

I usually shoot camera raw and choose the shutter speed and aperture for every shot I take, especially when shooting landscapes. For this image, and the next three images, I decided I wanted to see what the camera's electronics could do on it's own. While I'm not excited about the files being saved as jpegs in the camera, I have to say that I am pleased and surprised at how nice the iamges taken in "Landscape"mode came out. Other than setting the white & black points, these images are pretty much as they came out of the camera. Yes, the rocks there ARE this colorful!

Canon 20D - "Landscape Mode", 1/400th second, 119mm @ f/ 7.1, ISO 100


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