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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Tumacacori Polaroid Collage

Before digital imaging, the only way to have "instant gratification" in photography was to use Polaroid cameras and film. One artistic effect using Polaroids was to take multiple images of a subject and place all of the images together in a collage. When I was young, I always thought this was an interesting technique, but I never did much with it with my own camera as Polaroid film was expensive for a teenager.

Digital imaging and Photoshop allow for this effect to be reproduced with only a few clicks of the mouse. For my first attempt at this I used the image of Tumacacor Mission that was first posted on this blog on January 9th.

All the exposure details are the same, but I used Mike Warren's Polaroid Collage Action found at Action Central - The Photoshop Action Exchange>


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