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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

"T" for Telescopes?

NO I didn't fall off of Earth's edge! Just been busy with a number of things.

I had a productive run at the Schmidt finding six new NEOs even though I had poor weather the first night, high winds the last night and crummy seeing all three nights. This image was taken on the night of high winds and I'm glad the camera didn't get blown over! This shot is of both the Schmidt dome and the Kuiper dome on Mt. Bigeow. Two unidentified satellites cross paths hundreds of kilometers over head. The one forming the top of the "T" is in a lower orbit and crossing the sky at a more rapid pace.

Canon 20D - 30 second, f/ 1.8, ISO 200


Blogger Jim said...

Nice capture! I was taking some shots of comet SWAN with my 24mm f/1.8 earlier tonight and caught some satellites and airplanes (over the Goldwater range to the NW...). The comet wasn't terribly spectacular, but it was greenish colored and I could see the faint tail. It's probably not worth putting on my photoblog other than being a nice picture of stars with some fading twilight....

12:32 AM  

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