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Sunday, December 17, 2006

On the Edge at Yavapai Point

A woman enjoys the view and the several thousand foot drop off at Yavapai Point. Jim and I had set up where this woman is now standing when two men came down the stairs asking us if they could get in before we blocked the view.


The man who asked was guiding his friend. His hands covering his eyes. The one guiding explained his friend had never seen the canyon before and he wanted to have him experience it for the first time right at the railing.

Jim and I stepped aside.

I have to agree that this would be a truly exhilarating first view of the canyon.

Canon 20D - 1/250th second, 35mm @ f/ 9.5, ISO 200


Blogger Jim said...

That was fun, particularly hearing the air suck out of his lungs as he opened his eyes to see the Canyon for the first time! Fun to watch!

2:34 AM  

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