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Thursday, December 28, 2006

No Observing Tonight!

I still have plenty of images from the Grand Canyon and Red Rocks State Park in Sedona to post, but I've taken a bit of a break due to work & holidays...

For my last run of the year, the weather forecast was for snow... and boy has it been snowing. Almost a foot of the cold white stuff up here on the peak of Mt. Lemmon and more to come. We even had thundersnow last night, which is a snowstorm so powerful that it produces lightning. The sparks sure were flying up here last night!

The snow had paused for about 30 minutes when I took this image, giving the crews plowing a bit of a chance to catch up.

(Whooops! As witnessed by the images above, the sky did clear before sunset and I did get to observe. At least part of the night!)
Canon 20D - 1/1500th second, 21mm @ f/ 3.5, ISO 100


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