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Thursday, October 05, 2017

Grimaldi & Riccioli

I had a chance to image the moon at a higher magnification. The right half of this image is dominated by Oceanus Procellarum. The 30km crater Reiner and the flat bright feature Reiner Gamma stand out in this part of the ocean. Immediately to the left is the deep crater Cavalerius (58km) and the 106km walled plain Hevelius. The 222km inner basin of Grimaldi is filled with lava, which is surrounded by a broken outer wall with a 430km diameter. Moving towards the terminator and back to the north we see Riccioli (146km), Hedin mostly in shadow (143km), and Olbers (75km) At the top of the frame is Cardanus at 50km.

06:56UT, 4 October, 2017, Tucson, Arizona.
Celestron 20cm (8”) EdgeHD

Canon 80D operating with eyepiece projection.
1/200th second

6400 ISO
Camera RAW


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