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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Desert Frog

I knew there were frogs in the deserts of Arizona, but the first night I heard them croaking it took awhile for me to connect the sound with the animal. The frogs in Florida could be deafening on wet nights. These little guys aren't quite so loud, but I'd guess there are fewer of them. I caught this guy swimming away from me and toward the other 20 or 30 frogs in a temporary pond near the house. Am I posting this image because my friend Jim posted a water pic yesterday? You bet! Canon 20D - 1/1600th, 300mm @ f/8, ISO 400


Blogger Jim said...

Blatant copying is a high form of flatery, right? Thanks for the link! I almost ran over one of those frogs.....

11:47 AM  

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